Implementing Inclusive Growth (or why social change does – or doesn’t – happen)

In January of year three of the ProfD programme, doctoral students get the opportunity to present their proposals or updated research to a group of peers and academics.  It is a supportive and fun atmosphere where students are given 20 minutes to present followed by a Q&A session.   The quality of the proposal is assessed by a short, anonymised questionnaire.  Some brave souls have themselves recorded.

Lesley.presentation screenshotI have a 20 minute video of me presenting my research proposal in January 2018 which needs some editing before posting here!  I received really useful feedback with constructive and helpful suggestions.  The very act of presenting (and going through the squirming sensation of watching myself afterwards) gave me great insights about how my proposal was shaping up.  It’s one thing creating a written proposal and quite another communicating it verbally.  Indeed one of the challenges of the ProfD – more than any other doctoral route – is to learn how to present to many different audiences who may not be familiar with the topic, theme, methodology or academic jargon.

I wonder how my research will look in January 2019?!